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News Update (10 Feb 2010)

- upload new video "Follow me" Test
- Team description paper (TDP) added


Plasma-MK is our team's name. For participate in World Robocup @Home 2010. Our main goal is to develop a housekeeper robot to participate in international robotics competition and to be a motivation for youth in Thailand. Through the participation in this competition, the team can share knowledge with other research groups, and test the ability of developed technologies


Our robotics group has been participating in RoboCup for many years, mainly in two leagues: RoboCup Soccer Small Size League and Robocup Rescue Robot League. We won the first place in both leagues in 2008 and we have a strong interest in participating in the RoboCup 2010 @Home League Competition. As a team with experiences in robot vision, motion control, artificial intelligent, we believe that we can integrate human-machine interface to follow the objectives of RoboCup @Home League and provide interesting housekeeper robot issues to the league


We would like to thanks MK restaurant group for funding of the governing project where our Plasma-MK will serve as a test platform for navigation and also for being our main sponsor in participating RoboCup@Home Intelligent System Laboratory 2 [2] provides us with invaluable support in both human resource and instruments. We also would like to thank Spoken Language System laboratory [4] for providing us with speech synthesis and voice recognition system.

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